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April 6, 2013

Watch The Desert Rats Online in HD,DVD,iPod,DivX formats | I Want To Watch The Full Movie Of The Desert Rats

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Genres: Action , Adventure , Drama
Actors: Richard Burton , James Mason , Robert Newton , Robert Douglas , Torin Thatcher , Chips Rafferty , Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell , Charles Davis , Ben Wright
Director: Robert Wise
Country: United States
Year: 1953
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 (2336 votes)

Rommel has the British in retreat on his way to the Suez Canal. All that stands in his way is Tobruk, held by a vastly out numbered force of Australian troops. Richard Burton leads these troops on daring raids against Rommel, keeping him off balance as they earn the nickname ‘The Desert Rats’.

Film Review

This is a very tight and compelling presentation of a heroic stand off. A classic story of so few against so many. While the movie is a good narrative,what is also captivating in this movie, is the study of different characteristics of Great Leadership. The various protagonists, Captain Tammy Roberts, the General , General Rommel and even the crusty old school teacher Tom Bartlett all display some of the characteristics of outstanding leadership. It also presents several dilemmas that leaders face and their varying responses to them.. … Fascinating stuff! So much so,that this movie can actually be used as a 'case study' in Leadership Development programs …

There are more than a few inaccuracies in this movie, starting off with the fact that ‘The Desert Rats’ was – and is – the nickname of the British 7th Armoured Division, and comes from their mascot, the jerboa. I wouldn’t try to comment on the technical points of equipment, but, on the strategic side, the producers did a better job with their research than many other WWII movie makers.The garrison of Tobruk at the start of the siege in April 1941 consisted of 9th Australian Division (the ‘Rats of Tobruk’, not the ‘Desert Rats’), 18th Australian Brigade and a British Army Tank regiment (equipped with infantry tanks). The artillery and anti tank regiments at this stage were all British, as the 9th’s artillery was still training at Gaza in Palestine.Of Wavell’s other forces, three infantry divisions were in Greece and one in Ethiopia. 7th Armoured was in Egypt, at only around half strength. Several independent regiments were also scattered around the Middle East.Rommel’s forces consisted…

The Desert Rats is a very enjoyable WWII film dealing with a portion of the war that may seem alien to those in America. Americans are accused, and sometimes rightly so, of thinking WWII began and ended with America's involvement. But it didn't. The Desert Rats is the story of the Allies last stand in Northern Africa at Tobruk. Rommel and the Nazis would have clear sailing to the important Suez if Tobruk fell. It's up to Capt. MacRoberts (Richard Burton) and his band of green Aussie replacements to stop the advance of Hitler's army.When you read comments about war movies, you always read complaints about historical accuracy. Is The Desert Rats true to history? I'm not a student of history, so I wouldn't know. Furthermore, I don't really care. To me, it's about the entertainment I get from a film and I've always found The Desert Rats entertaining. The authentic looking sets, the tremendous ground shaking explosions, the plot that focuses on a small b…

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